Aesthetic Config

I am a bit particular about colors but in the end chose the grey.  I like that it is a medium value color and also that it is a beautiful blue grey.  My favorite part is how it interacts with the chrome and the black interior as in a monochromatic study of black and white.

Grey Car

Grey Car

I also really like it with the black interior leather.  The black leather continues the theme without distracting it with a lighter color.  I am not fond of the two tone treatment of the grey and tan seat color combinations.  All the cars have black trunks and black seat back and black panels on the side.  I find that a bit visually confusing.

I was also a bit concerned about the black interior heating up.  I have preferred cloth to leather on hot days.  Fortunately, it rarely gets really hot here.  I found conflicting information on the web about how much hotter black seats get.  My Tesla representative solved this dilemma.  The upcoming Tesla App on the smart phone will allow you to start the Air Conditioning before you get to the car.  This feature will not require you to have a phone signal, and will use wi-fi to your phone.

I am an environmentalist strong advocate of humane treatment of animals, but I am not a vegan.  I debated cloth vs. leather but also wanted the 2012 prices with heated seats.  I did find out this information in regards to the source of the leather from my Tesla representative.

Nappa leather or Napa leather is a full-grain leather, typically dyed, made from unsplit kid-, lamb- or sheep-skin by tanning with salts of chromium or aluminium sulfate, and noted for softness and durability. It is often used in high-quality leather products such as high-end furniture and vehicles. The tanning process which produces Napa leather was invented by Emanuel Manasse in 1875 while working for the Sawyer Tanning Company in Napa, California.

The Tesla supplier of leather for Model S is Bader.  Bader is a world class supplier of leather who does focus on the environment.  The waste water from leather tanning process can be very harmful to the environment.  Bader claims they use a very modern and environmentally friendly approach and no PVCs are used in the making of the leather.

I spent probably too much time debating the interior trim.  Again, I decided to keep the theme going and in the end chose the piano black.

Black Piano

Piano Black