Franchise Petition

Someone from Arizona created a petition on the website to petition the government to overturn franchise laws.  Tesla has been running into problems with selling cars to consumers in Texas, Virginia and other states.  Perhaps I am missing some key facts, but I can’t see how these laws help anyone outside of the franchise dealerships in these states in a protectionist manner.

Here is the text:

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Overturn franchise laws that limit auto manufacturers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers.

Direct manufacturer auto sales are prohibited in almost every state by franchise laws requiring that new cars be sold only by dealers. These laws stifle the auto industry, keep prices of new vehicles up and reduce consumer choices. We need the federal government to step in and protect the consumer’s choice to a free market trade. Consumers have the ability to go to the internet to make informed decisions about what they are buying and should no longer be forced to deal with car dealerships. We the people implore the federal government to nullify these antiquated state laws.