New 12 V Battery

After 4 1/2 years, I got another warning light that my 12 Volt battery needed replacing.

I have to admit, I love Tesla Roadside service. I scheduled an appointment for a week out. Every few hours I checked the app for an earlier appointment and I eventually got a next day appointment. I think a fair number of customers reschedule appointments, so its pretty easy to get an earlier time slot.

The service person was kind and efficient as always and wore a mask in the open garage. He even checked the wear on my tires. They are holding up after 6,000 miles very nicely at 8.5/32 on all four tires. I am planning to go in for my free rotation at the tire shop regardless.

Although the service was excellent, he couldn’t tell me where the 2nd key fob is. I figure someday it will show up in a pocket somewhere.

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