Model S Config

I put in my order for my Model S on December 28, 2012.  For previously blogged about tax reasons I didn’t want my car delivered till 2013.

I decided on the following technical configuration.

85kWH Battery – I want to be able to take longer trips than I can in the Roadster and use the supercharger network.  I also think that with the extra battery power, perhaps I can have it last longer than 8 years.  In years 9 and 10 perhaps it is still at an acceptable charge acting like a 60kWH battery.

Non-performance – I have owned a Roadster for 3 1/2 years.  I often use the very fast acceleration to merge onto freeways, get into the carpool lane safely and pass people at lights.   But I rarely floor it.  I think 1 second or so less is fine for a savings of around $10K.

19″ Wheels – I really like the look of the turbine 21″ wheels but I after the years of Roadster ownership and the need to frequently replace the tires, I chose the 19″ wheels.

Panoramic Roof – I have never been a fan of convertibles but I have always liked sun roofs.  Both for the light, a little sunshine and often for an alternative way to get fresh air with less noise.

Tech Package – I debated this one for quite a while.  I live in a somewhat rural area and I wanted the brighter Xenon lights to see deer and rabbits at night, the homelink connection to the garage doors, and the navigation map that doesn’t depend upon an internet connection.

Sound Studio Package – I am a bit of an audiophile and really would like a nice system.  I also have over 5,000 songs in my Itunes library, so even 3,000 is going to require editing of my library.

Active Air Suspension – This option seemed like a easy one.  More efficiency at higher speeds while avoiding hitting the bottom on steep driveways in my hilly neighborhood.

In my next post, I will write about my aesthetic decisions.

Model S Configuration

Model S Configuration


Convertible – Not For Me

I tried it for a month but I just don’t like convertibles.  I think Tesla did a good job on their convertible but here is a list of the reasons why I prefer to drive with a hardtop on.

1.  Sun exposure.  Yes, the picture is not of the car with the top off but of a melanoma.  MelanomaI prefer to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles and not be constantly in the sun.

2.  Hats/visors/sun screen.  These sun blocks are all viable options but you may not always remember to put them on, have them with you or realize how long of a drive you were going to take.

3.  Inconsistent weather.  Here the weather is very nice half the year but cool in the mornings.  Also with so many local microclimates, the weather can drop twenty degrees in twenty miles. So you need an extra layer just in case?

4.  Exterior noises.  With the top off, you notice a lot more other car noises, other radios and other people.

5.  Hot seats.  In the warm weather the seats get hot in the sun even with lighter colored leather.

6.  Theft potential.  Small unimportant items lying around in a convertible are available for the taking.

7. Smoke.  In a convertible you really notice other driver’s cigarette smoke as they try to avoid smelling up their own car by dangling out their cigarette outside the window.

8.  Ambiance.  Although it is not noisy, it is not exactly quiet to drive down the freeway in a convertible and listen to music.

9.  Manual soft top.  If I could just push a button and put on a soft top, I might like the convertible a bit more.  With the roadster, you need to get out of the car and install the soft top.  The process takes a few minutes.

10.  No charm.  Although all of the above are correct, I guess I never saw any charm in being in a convertible.  If I want wind in my hair and the outdoor experience, which I adore, I much prefer to enjoy it on a hike or a bike ride.

So I put the hardtop back on.  I would love to hear from folks why they like convertibles to understand what I might be missing.