New Hankook Tires

Thank you to those who helped me make a decision on new tires for my 19” rims.  I decided to go with the Hankook tires.  

There were an abundance of reasons:

  1. None of the tires I have owned on the car overwhelmed me with being fantastic in handling or longevity.
  2. Tesla seriously considered Hankook to be the tires for the Model 3.
  3. Only one tire, the Michelin Primacy had the hope of getting more mileage out of my car.  They cost significantly more with a 45,000 mile warranty.  But I thought it would be likely the same price in the end as I know I’d never get that kind of mileage.  Warranties can often be a hassle.pricing.jpg
  4. The tire rack reviews for the Hankook seem fine.  California (except for a few months) does not get very much rain, so my performance focus was for dry pavement which the Hankook results are very close to the
  5. A strong endorsement from a responder to my last post.
  6. My local installer thinks Hankook is a good brand and puts them on a fair amount of other cars.
  7. Why not give this brand a try.

I am going to try to be more diligent about checking my tire pressure.  I have to do it manually as my Model S is six years old.

2 thoughts on “New Hankook Tires

  1. Remember that Tesla has changed the recommended pressure a few times since 2012/2013. The sticker on the driver’s door jamb might say 42 psi. You’ll do fine with 45 psi and the car, will of course, notify you if you drop a certain psi, maybe 4-5psi, but ideally you’d want to catch it before then.

    When the temperatures go up, say, spring or summer, you may need to remove a pound or two, to stay at 45. If you don’t, as long as the pressure isn’t above the maximum pressure listed on the tire, you’d still be ok.

    If you get say, 25k out if the Hankook tires, and want even more mileage from a set, an all season tire might be worth trying next.

    Check your tire pressure before big trips and/or monthly and it never hurts to do a periodic inspection for foreign objects and treadwear.

    • Thanks for the advice. The shop stuck to the door sticker and they are at 42. I’ll add some more air, and I’ll try to monitor it monthly, which seems like a reasonable interval.

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