Need New Tires – 23,000 on 19’s

My car is approaching 88,000 miles and I knew it was time to have my tires rotated at a minimum.  My local tire mechanic unfortunately gave me the bad news that I need 4 new tires.  He said the tires were close to bald on the inside, but safe enough to drive for another week or two.

My car has had gone through a lot of tires.  This set will be the 5th set of tires along with two tires that were replaced because they had dangerous leaks, and two simpler nail repairs.

At 65,000 miles, I decided to change the 21” rims for 19” rims at a net cost of $985.  The price was so reasonable because Tesla gave me a 50% goodwill discount.  The car had been earlier plagued by horrific toe issues.  I still get more inside wear on the tires, but the wear is not anywhere as near as severe as in years past.  The good news is I have no curb rash on my 19″ rims, and the alignment has remained steady.

When I had 21” wheels, the four tire sets averaged 16,400 miles each.  This new set of tires with the 19” wheels has lasted me 23,000 miles.  I was hoping for more mileage, and I still cannot fathom that other owners can have tires that last 50,000 miles!  

I don’t drive particularly aggressively, or maybe I do and am unaware that others accelerate very gently???  The only thing that is perhaps unusual is the slope of the streets in the neighborhood is quite severe and very difficult to ride a bike up.  I have a close neighbor who just got a Model 3, so I’ll watch with keen interest when he needs new tires.

What is the most long lasting tire for the 19” rims?  The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ($218)? Michelin Primacy MXM4 with a 45,000 mile warranty ($218)?  Yokohama Avid Ascend GT ($196)? Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 ($140)?  

Any advice is very appreciated!

14 thoughts on “Need New Tires – 23,000 on 19’s

  1. My 2015 Model S 70D was delivered with 19″ wheels and the Michelin Primacy MMX4s. I was disappointed that I had to replace them at 34,000 miles. They appear to have worn evenly, I did not have alignment problems, and since my car is hardly a performance car i was certainly not doing launches or driving aggressively. Also, i pay close attention to tire pressures and rarely had the tires below the recommended 45 psi for very long. I have read about other folks getting a lot more miles from the 19″ Primacies, so maybe I am tough on tires in some way i do not understand. Having said all that, I bought another set of the Primacy tires, because they are so quiet and are efficient. I know there are cheaper tires, but I was very happy with the performance of these tires, just disappointed in the tread life.

    • I’d love to get 34,000 miles on a set of tires. Maybe I need to be obsessively checking my tire pressure and keep it really high? Did you get a warranty discount with the Primacy’s?

      • No, no warranty discount. In fact, I bought them from Tesla, perhaps foolishly, because i know that other outlets sell them for less and offer road hazard warranties and so on. But at the time, buying them from Tesla worked for me, even though I may have paid a premium.

  2. Oh, and I did not try to keep the tire pressures “really high,” just reasonably correct. So I adjusted them 3 or 4 times over the course of the year to be sure they were 45 psi cold, and not above the 50 psi maximum listed on the sidewall when hot (at least not for long). Sometimes the cold pressure would fall below 45 psi for a day or two in extremely cold weather — you cannot practically adjust the TP every week.

  3. I recommend Hankook Ventus tires shown here, but available from Discount Tire and other sellers.

    If you’re driving a Model S Performance or evwn if you aren’t, there’s no way getting around the fact that you have a very heavy, very quick performance sedan. If you want to keep your car in chill mode all the time, that’s your call.

    The Hankook tire, made in Korea is a great tire and half the cost of many similar tires.

    You could also get a quote from Costco for a set of Michelin tires when they have a special offer.

    You MUST have a XL LOAD rated tire due to the weight of the Model S. The higher the treadwear rating the better, but manufacturers rate them differently.

    I get 20,000 to 25,000 miles out of the Hankook Ventus with a lot of fast, spirited driving.

    Although you will save money on gas driving a Tesla, some of this savings will go towards tires. A Model S is a lot different from a Prius or Accord.

    Good luck with your search.
    Again, the Hankooks are pretty great!

  4. We have a 2015 M S 85D and it has the original Michelin 19s on it with 35,250 miles on it. I constantly ck pressures and inflate or let air out in the summer. Personally rather than trying to save a few bucks on what I consider an inferior set of tires I think I will have to go with the Michelin when that time comes, probably next fall. But thats an individual decision. I wish you luck no matter what you decide.

  5. I went through 2 sets of tires on my 2014 S85:
    1) Original Primacys, I got 49,552 miles on them
    2) Nikian R2 winter tires, I got 32,125 miles on them
    3) I sold my 2014 S85 (got a new S) with 24,269 miles on the newer tires (Pirelli Cinturato P7) and they still looked great.

    I rotate every 5K and check air pressures once a week. Ive been very happy with the mileage on them.

    • I have been rotating my tires too. Maybe not always at 5K but close enough. What air pressure do you keep your tires at? Do you ever drive on hills? I just can’t quite figure out how you get so much more mileage than I do.

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