Battery Swap – Closed

Looks like the battery swap station at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, CA is closed.  I heard a rumor that it was closed, inquired about availability, and received the following response:

Presently the Battery Swap Program is not accepting any new requests for appointments.

Because you had to schedule an appointment in advance,  the battery swap was not convenient.  Since my first and only swap experience, I have used the superchargers at Harris Ranch at probably six more times but never could schedule or plan another swap.  I doubt the station will be missed.




2 thoughts on “Battery Swap – Closed

  1. This makes sense seeing as that once Tesla added the armor under the vehicles for added safety, it made it a 2 min swap to a much much longer swap. Maybe the new M3 will have this integrated into the design?

    • I don’t think the deciding factor was the titanium shield. When I had my swap done I had the shield installed. I think the logistics of storing 100s of batteries for various drivers is not simple. When I did my swap I got the impression that they were scheduling only about 1 per hour, but that was just an impression.

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