Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla’s latest event was labeled as Powerwall 2 but the more interesting part of the event was when Elon announced a set of solar tiles for roofs.


These new solar tiles are available in a few styles including a Tuscan style one in an orange color and more modern grey tile ones shown above.  All the styles are made of glass that are stronger than conventional roof tiles.  Elon claimed that installing or replacing a roof would be cheaper with these Solar City tiles than a conventional roof!

Elon also announced Powerwall 2 with twice as much energy storage than the first iteration, along with PowerPack 2 for the commercial market.


The goal is to have solar on your roof, a Powerwall in your garage, and a Tesla in your driveway.


I have already had solar on my house for 10 years, and I actually have a flat roof where you cannot even see the panels.   My house is quite unusual, but if I had a conventional house without solar I would seriously consider these new panels.  I wonder if only Solar City can install them or can you buy them at retail stores like Home Depot?

Part of the timing of this event was clearly to influence the vote on the merger. My small number of Tesla shares will in no way influence the outcome, but I have not yet decided how to vote.






5 thoughts on “Solar Roof Tiles

  1. I have SolarCity panels on my house and, of course, a Tesla. I still can’t find a good use case for Powerwall. Time-of-use-metering doesn’t exist where I live (or many other places) and there’s no benefit to pumping excess energy into the Powerwall vs the Grid given you get a credit. The only possible benefit is the rare times you lose power and then the price vs a simple generator is hard to make a good case for.

    I like the idea of the tiles, but I also wonder about how easily they’re installed. Also, with Solar, the failure zone(s) and redundancy are super-important. They’ll have to talk a lot more about that part too.

    The other challenge they face is that in many areas you’re restricted with the size of system you can install. My original plan was 54kW, the local electric company limited me to 17.5kW and then later capped the entire state at 10kW per address. Lots of work will need to be done to work around these limitations if they’re going to put a lot of solar tiles on roofs in states like mine (Massachusetts).

    • I can’t find a use for the Powerwall either.

      Sounds like Massachusetts is catering to the energy companies not the environment. A law restricting a cap of solar would never exist here in California.

  2. I think Tesla should consolidate the visionaries of the housing industry, especially the offsite construction system companies, their is a natural fit between innovative home construction and solar roof tiles, batteries and transportation….it also starts with new and creative housing developments with smaller footprints, great design, with eco-conscious community ideals, what I call “Tesla Living or the Tesla Life”…..Space X subdivision would be a great platform for this vision? And other energy eco-motivated states like California….Net Zero Living, at very affordable prices….

  3. I voted yes. The new solar roof product reminds me of people asking why introduce a high-end electric car first? Now they have solar roof and the traditional solar installation with the completed merger.

    On the energy storage front, Tesla originally said that 80% of their revenue from energy storage will come from the PowerPack. Wonder if they still think that’s the case with all these moves.

    I’m optimistic for TSLA/SCTY merger but they need to keep selling Model S & X vehicles through next year at this time. If they can get to Model 3 production, it’s game over for the competition in the short term.

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