Model 3 Reveal


Attractive Model 3 (better looking than the Model X)

The Tesla Model 3 launch was sweet and short and only a few minutes late!  I was very happy that Elon began his speech by acknowledging that global warming is a huge problem for mankind; he reinforced that Tesla is in the business of sustainable transport, and showed the factual data of how we have had a two degree increase in temperature and have surpassed the level of C02 that mankind has seen in millions of years.  He also thanked Roadster, Model S and Model X purchasers.

Model 3 Minimum Specifications

  1. A priority of safety in all aspects.
  2. 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds including versions that go much faster.
  3. At least an EPA rating of 215 miles
  4. Standard with auto pilot hardware
  5. Fits 5 adults comfortably
  6. Moved the front seats forward to provide more leg room
  7. Rear roof area one continuous space of glass providing more headroom
  8. Front and rear trunks with more cargo space than car of similar volume
  9. Can fit 7 foot long surfboard inside (much better than a X or an S)
  10. All model 3s come with supercharging standard

Other General Details

By the end of next year, Tesla will double the number of superchargers and double the number of service centers.  Elon is fairly confidently that the Model 3 will be delivered by next year with no options for $35,000.  Tesla has received 115,000 deposits in 24 hours.

Overall Impressions

The reveal was perfect.  On time and to the point.  The details of the car sound great.  The car looks much better than the X and more practical.  I am very excited about the Model 3.  I am not in a rush to buy one since I have a Model S, but it sounds like a true winner.


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