Extended Warranty

I’m generally not a fan of extended warranties.  I have only bought them twice.  Once for an after market warranty for a BMW that was more hassle than it was worth.  The second time for a first generation iPad.  The iPad was expensive enough and just came out on the market.  I still have it but it quickly became solely an e-reader because Apple quickly stopped supporting the operating system on the first iPad.

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I was struggling with the decision to buy the extended warranty when I was near 50,000 miles.  The battery and motor are already covered for 8 years and infinite miles.  My fellow blogger wrote up a detailed description of the warranty.

In my mind there are several reasons to buy an extended warranty on the Tesla if you want to keep the car for an extended period of time.

  1. The technology is new so all the kinks may not be out of the system
  2. The cost of replacement parts is high
  3. The warranty is through Tesla not a third party so the repairs should be seamless
  4. Peace of mind

The Tesla Motors Club forum is a poll whether or not folks were going to buy the extended warranty.  99 people have responded with the majority opting to buy the extended warranty at some point in time.

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Poll – Buy the Extended Warranty? 


To my chagrin, I debated this for naught. I was discussing whether or not to extend the warranty with my service advisor, when I was informed that I already had the extended warranty!

During my tire debacle, I received a phone call to offset my serious issues with Tesla.  Since this discussion was over the phone and not through email, I had forgotten that Tesla had given me a free extended warranty for my troubles.  They did not replace my tires but did refund part of the expensive curb rash removal and gave me the extended warranty for free.

Did I get special treatment?  I know Tesla treats all its customers very well.  But having a blog that gets a reasonable amount of traffic does not hurt.  I tried to remain anonymous to Tesla for several years, but a few years in I did let them know I am a blogger as I needed to include responses from Tesla to write a fair post about the time it took to supercharge.


Would I pay for the extended warranty?  Yes, I would.  I think there are still a few kinks with the Model S.  But the price of parts for the Model S is still quite high.  For example a new touchscreen is $5,000.  So I think for a new car from a new car company the extended warranty is a good choice for most drivers.

One thought on “Extended Warranty

  1. Free, I would have taken. But I went the other way and went without the extended warranty when I crossed the 50K mark. No regrets so far. Plus the warranty would only last me 18 months with my mileage so its value is a lot less for me.

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