Model X Launch Event

I watched the livestream of the Model X launch event.  In typical Tesla fashion, the event started 50 minutes late.

The Model X looks like a cousin of the Model S.  The feature that caught my eye the most was the new nose design.  The styling of the Model S nose has always been my least favorite part of the car, so a change is good in my book.

New Nose on the Model X

New Nose on the Model X

The Model X is clearly geared as a family car / SUV / Minivan.  Elon highlighted the following features:

  1. Safety.  Great safety rating like the Model S
  2. Additional safety features using the cameras that will automatically brake the car before a potential accident.
  3. A true HEPA air filter including a bioweapon defense mode button!
  4. Falcon wing doors that let the 2nd row passengers get in and out of tight spaces.  Perhaps the 2nd row passengers can get out but I’m not sure the driver can.
  5. Comfortable 2nd row seating
  6. Lots of luggage space for a family
  7. Ability to pull a large trailer
  8. A rack on the rear hitch for carrying bicycles, skis or snowboards while being able to open the rear door.

Although a large market exists for mini vans and family size SUVs, I’m not personally interested in this kind of a vehicle.  Over the years I’ve owned a series of more rugged SUVs for the outdoors.  The Model X appears to lack the following features for someone who enjoys the outdoors:

  1. The ability to fold down the 2nd row seats to create a flat cargo bed for carrying large objects, and being able to sleep comfortably in the rear of the car.
  2. Either a roof rack or at least 10 1/2 feet between the front and back windshields for carrying a paddle board or other large objects.
  3. A lower end price point.  A true SUV is a car that can take a lot of abuse, and I would not really be interested in paying $100,000 for a car in this category.

The Tesla team has developed some very sophisticated features for a large vehicle for a young family. But at this point, I don’t for see myself buying a Model X, but I’m looking forward to seeing one in person and driving one as a service loaner.


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