Induction Light Bulb

A new energy efficient light bulb has hit the market.  Over the years, the market has been slowly offering alternatives to the high energy consumptive incandescent light bulbs.  Many people struggled with replacing their traditional light bulbs because they liked the warmer light.  The first offerings were fluorescent lights, and the earliest bulbs emitted a harsh blue light.

Since then, the market now offers a variety of choices at different price ranges, life spans, color of resulting light, and electricity use.  Halogen lights, compact fluorescent (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) lights have been in the market for a number of years.  The best solution for the environment is to use lights as little as possible.  I rarely have lights on during the day and can easily walk around the house at night without lights.  I particularly like LED lights for spot lighting although mine does generate a fair amount of heat.

Recently a new company, Finally Light Bulb, has started selling an induction light bulb.  Induction is used in the Tesla’s motor to turn the wheels.  This light bulb also uses induction.  A coil exists within the light bulb that creates a magnetic field.  This magnetic field reacts with the gas inside the light bulb creating an ultraviolet light.  A phosphor coated glass enclosure transforms the ultraviolet light into a soft white light.

Induction light technology has been around for decades in commercial applications such as streetlights or large public facilities.  This new company is the first to offer induction technology in a light bulb for the home.

Buying a light bulb these days can be quite confusing.   Weighing the upfront cost, the bulb’s life span, the long term energy cost, the ability to dim the bulb, and the light color is difficult.  Consumers have resisted changing away from induction lights because of the upfront cost; they notice the price in the store more than the amount of energy it uses over its life span.

I find it quite interesting that there is a light bulb that uses induction like my Tesla.  Look here for more information about these bulbs and a comparison chart.


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