Tesla Sending Supercharger Abuse Notes!

After the shareholder’s meeting in June there was a large controversy over a comment Elon had made that was unclear.

“So, free long distance forever is what the Superchargers are providing. There are few people who are like, quite aggressively using it for local Supercharging, and we also send them just a reminder note that it’s cool to do this occasionally but it’s meant to be a long distance thing.”  Elon Musk

On the Tesla forums on the web were extensive threads discussing what Elon meant.  Now two months later people are beginning to receive these letters.

As a frequent user of local Superchargers, we ask that you decrease your local Supercharging and promptly move your Model S once charging is complete.  Doing so ensures a better experience for the Tesla ownership community and allows Supercharger resources to be available for those who need them most.

….Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of Tesla Motors” 

A few people are reporting getting letters today on the various public forums.  Those folks are saying they are not regular local supercharger users and are using it for long distance travel.  Perhaps the algorithm they used to determine which owners receive this note is a little flawed.

Tesla really needs to clarify their position on supercharging use.  Is it truly free forever after paying for it as part of the price of the car?  What about those who do not have the ability to charge at home?  Why not send out a clarification letter to all owners?  Why don’t they clarify their policy on their web site?

Unfortunately, Tesla has on its hands a true communication problem with their owners.  I have watched many different things occur on the various forums and this one seems to have many long term supporters upset. I don’t know why they cannot clarify this stance on supercharging directly and clearly to all owners instead of creating a controversy.  They really need help with public relations and communication.



5 thoughts on “Tesla Sending Supercharger Abuse Notes!

  1. Well, looks like I am one of the first to get that “letter” from Tesla telling me that I am abusing the supercharger system. My wife and I go to the mall once a week for a meal out and plug in to the supercharger that happens to be there. There are times we haven’t finished our meal when we are fully charged and it may be 30-45 minutes before we unhook and leave. We have never blocked others (that we can tell) but got the letter anyway this past weekend.

    I wonder if this means I can no longer use that supercharger because we use it 4 times a month? Comments anyone?

    • Wow, that does not sound like supercharger abuse to me. I don’t think they expect us to always run back to the car as soon as it is charged – especially when not full. Nor not use it 4 times a month if we are near one that is convenient.

      I just wish Tesla would clarify what they truly think is appropriate use. And only enforce it for new purchases from now on.

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  3. As a new owner waiting for a 240V install, I do use Superchargers for ‘local’ use too. But as a matter of courtesy I a) go late at night (there are worse things to do than listen to music reading a book in a comfy chair at 11pm) b) keep the visit short (IOW during the high gain phase only not tying up the charger attempting to maximize range) I recommend similar to others 🙂

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