Referral Program Letter

I’m surprised with the referral program only one week old, Elon has sent out a second email about the program and a sample letter to all owners.  We can edit his 1,139 words and send them out to our friends.

I found this email quite surprising.  Yes, I would like all my friends and blog readers to get a discount, but I am not going to mass solicit every one on my contact list, much less send them a lengthy email about how great a Tesla is.  I would not do that to earn $1,000 as that to me would feel like spam.

But hey, if someone was going to buy a car and wants to use my link or any other owner’s link by October 31, 2015 to get a $1,000 discount and earn me or someone else $1,000 I think that’s fine, but I’m definitely not going to spam my friends.  Or use these canned words even though they begin with:

If you have friends who might like to receive a $1,000 discount on a Model S, below is an email that you can edit if you choose and send to them.

Back in 2009, they had a similar program where each owner could make $500 on a sale.  I found that program also a bit too aggressive.  They even suggested that we

Hold a Roadster party at your house or at a Tesla sales center.

Perhaps this program is already very successful for Tesla and they want to promote it even more.  Another possible speculation is that they are hungry for more sales.  If I knew anyone who might want to buy a Tesla in the short term, I’d be much more likely to send a simple email such as:

Hey Joe

I know we have been talking about my Tesla from time to time and you were toying with buying one. Just to let you know if you plan to by October 31, you can use this link and save yourself $1,000 and also give me a $1,000 credit for Tesla products too.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about Teslas as you know I’ve been writing about them for over six years now, and have directly influenced three other close friends without any $1,000 credit in the past.  As you know I’ve been doing all of this really as a small way to help the environment.

Hope all is well

Tesla Owner

So many Tesla owners have gone to far lengths to promote electric cars and Tesla in the past for free.  I hope this program is not repeated too often.

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2 thoughts on “Referral Program Letter

  1. They are doing it the wrong way 🙂 Interesting. Would love to chat with you about the post-sale relationship they are trying to nurture. Another thing I’d like to know is if tesla owners actually cared to see/hear/know other owners. I’m not trying to plug my startup here but we’re trying to develop a platform for post-sale. We noticed that after people buy a product (not just a car) everything is a black whole of nothingness afterwards (for the most part, emails like these aside from dealers and ecommerce sites upselling, etc). We thought there must be a way to do customer and product management as well as enthusiast enablement. Check it out at ping me back at @jveiga (twitter) or email (jv at Really good blog – btw.

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