$1,000 Discount

With full irony, I was planning to write up a post about selling Teslas to friends the same day the Elon announced a referral program!

The referral program gives owners their own link to send to their friends (or blog readers) that may be planning to purchase a Model S.  In return the purchaser gets a $1,000 discount.  I will receive a $1,000 credit that I can use for a future car purchase, a service charge or accessories. To put some limits on the experiment, each Tesla owner can grant a maximum of ten $1,000 discounts.

Even more interesting, if five of my friends and potentially you order a Model S, I could tour the Gigafactory in Nevada in April 2016!  At ten orders, the referrer can purchase a Founder Series Model X with all options free.  The options have a value of about $25,000.  The first person in North America, Europe and Asia to have ten referrals will get the entire car for free.

For Tesla, the incentive is to save costs by building less stores and avoiding any advertising.  Hence the $2,000 cost is easily justified.

The timing of this incentive is interesting.  Probably some potential owners would like wait and see the Model X first before committing to the Model S.  Potentially sales are a bit slow during this transition period.

If you are interested in this discount, you can get it using this link.

The next post will be about the referrals that drove three Tesla sales without this program.

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