Protest at Tesla

Dramatic Signage and Symbolism in Front of Tesla Headquarters

Dramatic Signage and Symbolism in Front of Tesla Headquarters

Three men are protesting in front of Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto with a giant Grim Reaper.  I drove by and picked up a piece of their literature, they weren’t particularly conversational.

Silicon Valley only occasionally has protests.  In the past labor problems have occurred with janitors and recently with the company bus drivers. This protest is from Carpenters Local 713.  They are requesting:

“requiring the General Contractors and all their sub-contractors pay the Carpeter Area Standard Wages and Benefits on all jobs all the time”.

I have no opinion on this particular issue as I know few if any details, but I have sympathy for middle and lower income folks trying to make a living wage in such an expensive area.  The same sign has also been spotted at San Jose State University and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.

Front of Flyer

Front of Flyer

Back of Flyer

Back of Flyer


5 thoughts on “Protest at Tesla

    • I think the reaper is “for hire”. I have seen it on my way to work at a Walmart Labs building. If you look at the banner where it says “TESLA” you can see that they have put the equivalent of a white out over who ever they were protesting last week…

      • I think several organizations are doing things in a for hire manner like this.

        I have also noticed that several groups who are getting signatures in California for initiatives are not “concerned citizens” but are paid by organizations. The top organizations may be non-profits but it surprises me that they pay people to do these tasks, and do not have volunteers.

  1. Re: flier #2 – I have never actually seen a VW “Thing” (Safari in other markets) with right hand drive. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I’ve never seen one. Leaves right hand free to operate scythe, perhaps. Or maybe just stolen artwork from the UK or one of the POME sphere.

    I also notice that there’s no “Bug” indicating union printers. Where’s the Solidarity Forever gone?

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