Volkswagen e-Golf Test Drive

I have not taken the time to test drive other EVs as I’m happy with Tesla and do not want an EV with a limited range less than 100 miles.  But I could not resist when I was at a local Whole Foods and could take a quick trip around the area in a Volkswagen EV and also get a $10 Whole Foods gift card.

The e-Golf was a comfortable car and I drove it approximately two miles.  The acceleration was peppy but the deceleration felt neither like an ICE or a Tesla but somewhere in-between.  Because of the 83 mile range, the driver can select different modes:  normal, eco or eco-plus with three different regenerative braking modes.  I got a little confused exactly which mode I was test driving.

I liked the car at a quick 10 minute glance, which I would in no ways consider this a real review of the car.  I did have to answer five easy questions on their tablets after the test drive.  I’m very happy that there are more and more EV options on the market.

Convenient e-Golf Test Drive

Convenient e-Golf Test Drive

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