Powerwall Ban in Spain

The Spanish government has already effectively banned the Powerwall in Spain.

This post is bilingual written first in Spanish and then followed by the English translation.

En España, la situación con el Tesla Powerwall es probablemente la peor en el mundo.  Aún antes de poder comprarlo, la OCU, que es una organización del gobierno supuestamente de los consumidores y usuarios, ya ha declarado que el Powerwall solo se puede instalar en lugares que ya tenían paneles solares y no están conectados de la red eléctrica.

El sistema eléctrico es muy diferente en España que en EE.UU. o Alemania.  Aquí en EE.UU. tenemos los monopolios locales pero el gobierno tiene un poco de control.  En Alemania  el treinta por ciento de la energía es renovable.  En España solo tres empresas controlan el  sistema de la electricidad con los combustibles fósiles.

Con un clima soleado y zonas con grandes vientos, el gobierno en España ha parado las instalaciones renovables.  También una persona que quiere generar electricidad tiene que pagar un gran canon. A la mayoría de los ciudadanos no se les permit desconectarse de la red eléctrica; tiene que vivir en un lugar aislado. Tampoco se permite vender a la red la energía sobrante de los paneles solares.  

En 2013, hay una manifestación contra el sistema eléctrico y el aumento de los precios.  El gobierno recientemente ha restringido las manifestaciones; se tiene que obtener un permiso.  La policía saca fotos de los manifestantes.

Afortunadamente el uso per cápita es má bajo en España que en EE.UU.  La gente no vive en un gran casa o conduce tanto. Espero que el gobierno conservador cambie su actitud sobre el medioambiente.

In Spain, the situation with the Tesla Powerwall is probably the worst in the world.  Even prior to being able to order much less purchase a Tesla Powerwall in Spain, the OCU, which is a government organization supposedly of consumers and users,  has already declared that the Powerwall can only be installed in places already with solar panels and not on the electrical grid.

The electrical system in Spain is very different from the United States or Germany.  Here in the United States we have local monopolies but they are at least marginally controlled by the government.  In Germany, thirty percent of the power is from renewables.   In Spain three large companies control the electrical system largely using fossil fuels.

With Spain’s largely sunny climate and areas with heavy winds, the government as put a stop to installing renewables both at the industrial and individual level.  Large tolls are charged for those who want to generate their own electricity.  The government will also only let you be off grid if you are in an isolated place that is too expensive for one of the three companies to reach your location.  The electric companies also will not buy back any energy from a private producer.

In 2013, there was a large demonstration against the current electrical system and the rising rates.  The Spanish government has also recently started restricting protests;  they require any protests to get a permit and then record the photos of all the protestors in a database.

Fortunately the per capita use of energy is much lower in Spain than the U.S.  People do not live in large houses and drive as many cars.  I hope that the conservative government will change and begin to listen to the voice of the many Spanish citizens who are concerned about the environment.


9 thoughts on “Powerwall Ban in Spain

  1. it is the left wing corrupted government in Spain causing this problem. Their fossil energy companies are bribing government and offering jobs in their industry for government family members as long as they ban solar panels or tax usage of it. Spaniards are anti-environmental , they are too corrupted. They even edited wiki websites to make sure the world will not learn about their corrupted system.

  2. Tommy, I am from Spain I can tell that you are right except for, as Holland said, Rajoy is far right wing.
    Since 2011 the goverment in Spain is right wing. They have banned PowerWall for obvious reasons.
    Where do you think politicians from Partido Popular (Rajoy´s party) will go to work once they are done in politics? guess it.

    Spaniards are NOT anti-environmental and Spanish politians are because they are too corrupted.

    Spain is a great country for solar energy and powerwalls, (like Greece), we even have lot of sun in winter, but unfortunately people ruling the country have other interests in mind.

    • the article mentions explicitly that you are not allowed to disconnect from the grid (“only let you be off grid if you are in an isolated place that is too expensive for one of the three companies to reach your location”)

      • So, state decides about your preferences because they want to secure fake jobs in energy sector (for their relatives) in exchange for state for slowing down alternative energy sources, typical Spanish government mafiosos.

  3. as far as I know home battery products are no longer “banned” in Spain.
    PowerVault for example has its certified installer now (http://www.solarinspain.com/) and I think since 2017 second half you can also pre-order a Tesla Powerwall 2 from Spain (delivery date is unclear but price is quotes approx €6800 on tesla.com)

    Autoconsumo (self installations) of solar power is totally legal for residential use and not liable for the “sun tax” under 10Kwh size.

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