Annual Solar Panel Check

Every year in April I look at how much energy my solar panels are generating. I pick a sunny day in early April and look at the maximum amount of energy generated per interval.  In 2015, the panels are generating up to .75 kWh in the middle of the day.  In an earlier year with freshly cleaned panels this number went up to .77 kWh.  I use this check to see if I should have my panels professionally cleaned.

This winter California like most of the country had very strange weather.  We had an exceptionally warm and dry weather with little or no snow in the Sierra Nevada.  Technically the rainfall was reasonable in my immediate area, but California and the San Francisco peninsula depends considerably upon melting snow for its water.  The few times it did rain, it rained a lot and these heavy rains seems to have washed off any debris from my solar panels.


2 thoughts on “Annual Solar Panel Check

  1. Hi TeslaOwner,

    What is this per kiloWatt peak installed, and as a total per day? Are the panels in a southern direction, or slightly angled away from the South?

    A bit of burn-in (loss) is normal compared to the first year.

    • Mine are 3,825 Watts on an annual basis. I have had them for 8 1/2 years now.

      They are angled in the “perfect” fixed direction. The entire roof of my house is flat with no tree overhangs. They are on top of the garage in a southern direction.

      I have never checked the exact angle, and haven’t been up there in a while. I suspect they are a little to the west of the south but am not sure.

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