New Colors

Tesla quietly changed their color line up on their web page and reduced it to the following seven colors.  Elon Musk had recently tweeted “colors (too many similar)”.  Six of the seven paint colors have an upgrade cost.  The metallic paints cost $1,000 more, and the multi-coat paints cost $1,500 more.

New Color Line Up

New Color Line Up

  1. Solid Black – Flat black is the only “free” or included color.
  2. Titanium Metallic – This new color was intelligently quickly renamed from Warm Silver.  Titanium is a classic car color in the beige or champagne category.
  3. Midnight Silver Metallic –  From the website I cannot tell if this is a simple renaming of Steel Grey or an even darker grey.  Steel Grey replaced the Dolphin Grey on my car.
  4. Obsidian Black Metallic – Tesla announced this new color last week.
  5. Deep Blue Metallic – Tesla announced this new color last week and smartly renamed it from the confusing Deep Ocean Blue.
  6. Pearl White Multi-Coat – I have seen a large number of these Pearl White cars on the road and this is the first white car that I think looks quite pretty when clean.
  7. Red Multi-Coat – This red color came out with a lot of excitement as Sunset Red.

The colors Tesla removed as options include

  1. White – This color was non-metallic white.
  2. Dark Blue – This blue was very dark and basically black with some blue paint.
  3. Silver – The Tesla silver was very pale.

Earlier color options also have included a brown and a dark green.

According car coating manufacturer PPG, Tesla’s most popular colors in order have been:

  1. Black
  2. Grey Metallic
  3. Blue Metallic
  4. Red
  5. White Metallic

For folks like me who prefer more interesting colors, the marketplace does not support these interesting colors.  PPG reports the following most popular car colors for 2014 in North America:

  1. White at 23%
  2. Black at 18%
  3. Grey at 16%
  4. Silver at 15%

So a whopping 72% of North American cars are white, grey or black!  The color distributions vary worldwide but are not dramatically different.  If I were buying a new Model S today, I would seriously consider Deep Blue Metallic.



6 thoughts on “New Colors

    • Yes, I posted some photos of it on the next blog post. The new blue is very much a “royal blue”. Not a true medium, on the darker side but much lighter than the older blue, which was almost black.

  1. I have to say I really like the solid white as well as pearl white. The solid white is just bright and always white, looks really “sporty” I’d say, shows the lines of the car, and really shines on a sunny bright day. Glad they kept it even if it was a lower cost option.

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