Stuck Frunk / Hood

For the first the in almost two years, my frunk became stuck.  I have been in the habit of putting a cooler in the frunk “just in case” along with a number of other items since I really don’t need the space.  I had opened the frunk but did not adjust the cooler back enough and the frunk latched but did not really completely close.  So when the frunk was closed it had about a 1” gap.  I tried releasing the latch with the key fob and also with the button on the touch screen to no success.   I decided to call Tesla Roadside Assistance at (877) 798-3752.

Interestingly enough the person on the phone did not refer to the frunk as the “frunk” but as the hood.  She walked me through the relatively painless procedure to release the frunk latch.

1.  In the car under the dash on the passenger side is a lever that controls the wire to the frunk latch.  This lever is on the far right hand side near the passenger door.  It is very hard to see with a black interior but quite easy to feel as it is on the far right hand side.  By pulling on this lever about twenty times, you will release the wire that holds the frunk.

Hidden Lever Below Dash on Passenger Side Next to Right Hand Door

Hidden Lever Below Dash on Passenger Side Next to Right Hand Door

2.  In the 1” gap between the hood and the car itself, you will need to find a plastic button with your fingers just to the left of the center.  In the photo you can see this small black button just to the left of the Tesla logo.  Pushing down on this button will release the hood.  This process is a bit awkward.  You will need to feel around in the space with no visual clue and find the button, which feels very plasticy.  The button is not particularly hard to press but still has some resistance.

The entire process including the call took less than ten minutes and would take even less on a second attempt.  Hopefully I will be more careful with the placement of the cooler and not need to repeat this procedure.

There is a rumor on the forums that the newest cars have a slightly different latching mechanism but still requires the same two handed procedure to close the frunk.


3 thoughts on “Stuck Frunk / Hood

  1. Grateful to find your article on iPad (computer in Frunk of course). Saved! Now I have to Google how to get the fob to reset…LOL. You are my hero this evening.

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