Consumer Reports is a U.S. based independent nonprofit organization with the mission “to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.”  They analyze all kinds of products and report the results of their data in their magazine and on their website.  In their recent issue, they reported that Tesla drivers were more likely than any other car owner to buy their cars again the second year in a row.  This year 98 out of 100 Tesla respondents said they would buy their car again down from 99 in 2013.

Here is the top six brands based upon the percentage of owners who would buy the brand again:

  • 98 Tesla
  • 87 Porsche
  • 79 Audi
  • 76 Mercedes
  • 76 Lexus
  • 75 Jaguar

In comparison to the next highest rated brand was Porsche where only 87 our of 100 would buy their car again and no other manufacturer received an 80% or higher repeat rate.  The average repeat rate for all brands was about 70%.

If you look at the same ratings by car model instead of brand, the results are similar.  The Nissan Leaf achieved a 77, and the Chevrolet Volt a 85.  There were only four models with a number above 90.

  • 98 Tesla Model S
  • 95 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • 91 Porsche Cayman
  • 91 Porsche Boxter

The Consumer Reports article also stated:

“When given a choice between traditional gas engines and alternative powertrains, owners rank hybrids, electric cars, and diesels as the most satisfying choices in almost  every category in which they compete”


My Personal Satisfaction

Even after driving an electric car for 5 1/2 years, I still get the simple question “Do you still like your car?” from people on the street, acquaintances and people who have known me during these years.  My answer always is “Of course”.

Although I have had issues with my Model S and a case or two of less than stellar service encounters, I am satisfied with the manner that Tesla has dealt with my issues.  I hope to someday report more about my tires as I put more miles on the car.

If I have any general complaint about the car it is that it is simply too wide.  I personally do not need such a large car and just a few inches less in width would have been a big improvement for me as the San Francisco Bay Area is just getting more and more dense.  The increased density and increased property valuation results in both sadly a large homeless population but also parking challenges for larger cars.

I am also very fond of the fact that my car is never really out of date.  Sure, I don’t have the auto-pilot features but I doubt very much I would really use them much.  But from a software perspective my car is up to date.  Even just the other day I noticed that Tesla pushed me some new maps for my car.  My Toyota Highlander Hybrid on the other hand has maps that are eight years old as I’m not interested in paying for an update.

I had been contemplating writing a post about a few quirky errors that I had been seeing on the navigation.  I often use the navigation for secondary reasons.  I have a sixth sense of direction and really don’t use it to guide me to where I need to go but use it to estimate the time of arrival or to warn me about traffic problems.  Every time I have the navigation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge for example it wants me to exit on Treasure Island, which is a man made island in the middle of the bay.  Another example is that at times the blue lines on the map do not match the actual directions as shown in the photo.  I’m hoping this latest update or perhaps subsequent updates will clean up these errors.

There are so many things I like about driving an electric car.  The acceleration and filling up at home are probably my two favorites.   I simply can’t imagine wanting to drive an ICE again!

Direction of Travel Does Not Match Blue Line

Direction of Travel Does Not Match Blue Line

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