An Official Rashy Curb

Parking Garage Exit that Wants to Give You Curb Rash

Parking Garage Exit that Wants to Give You Curb Rash

I have previously written about my curb rash on my 21” wheels.  I recently found a parking garage exit where it is quite difficult to leave without any curb rash.

If you look at the photo, one of the garage entry / exit points has automatic card readers.  Because of this system, a large island is in the middle of the two somewhat narrow lanes.  The approach into the exit lane is basically a 90 degree angle.  Cars turn in an arc and cannot simply turn at a near 90 degree angle.

I won’t shame the organization that owns this parking garage but the design is clearly weak.  While taking the picture for this blog, I watched other drivers struggle with this exit and the truck in the photo jumped the curb.

The architects could have done several things to eliminate the problem.  First the center island does not need to be so wide and long.  They could have placed the card readers and gate controllers in a more compact design.  They also could have placed the protective black poles much closer to the electronic devices they are trying to protect in order to give exiting cars more width in the lane.

I successfully negotiated my way once through this exit without any curb rash, but the second time at a very slow speed I curb rashed my right front wheel.

Fortunately, there is a manned booth to the right that is much easier to access and I will be using in the future.

New Curb Rash

New Curb Rash

More Curb Rash - Same Left Front Wheel - Same Incident

More Curb Rash – Same Left Front Wheel – Same Incident

2 thoughts on “An Official Rashy Curb

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