Petaluma Supercharger

Tesla’s official web page has a map of all the superchargers.  The superchargers are on a very non-detailed map and list all superchargers for the given area with four options:  open, coming soon, 2014 and 2015.

Tesla does not have a great reputation for being on time but the map gives you a good idea where in general they are planning to build.

On the Tesla forums, locals often try to find the sites in their normal driving or looking for building permits.  Rumor has it a new supercharger is being built near Dick’s Sporting goods in Petaluma.  Based upon the photo I saw on the web, I placed the approximate location as the red spot on the map below.

Rumor of Upcoming Location of Petaluma Supercharger!

Rumor of Upcoming Location of Petaluma Supercharger!

This supercharger will be very useful for those in the San Francisco Bay Area to have access to the popular wine country or drives up the coast to locations such as Mendocino.  When I went to a wedding last year, I topped up my car at a local winery and another visit to the same area, I used a friend’s garage outlet.  If I drove conservatively, took no detours and the weather was fine, I could make it to many parts of this area without any additional charging.  But a supercharger conveniently located of 101 is great news!

The location appears to have Jack in the Box, Java Hut, Chipotle and a Buffalo Wild Wings within walking distance.  I think most Tesla owners will find these choices reasonable and the easy location just off 101 ideal.

Tesla owners in remote locations may be lamenting the large numbers of superchargers in California but the population density and the density of Teslas in the Bay Area justifies filling in the superchargers in these locations.


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