Condo Charging

A Tesla Charging in an Oregon Condominium Comples

A Tesla Charging in an Oregon Condominium Complex

Since I am a homeowner, I have given little thought to charging in either a rental unit or in a condominium complex.  I recently drove to Oregon and visited a friend who lives in a condo that was less than 10 years old.

Turns out one of the building residents recently got a Tesla.  Getting sufficient electricity in a home garage is typically not a challenge, but my friend’s neighbor faced a few challenges.

First the designated parking spot he purchased with the unit did not have any nearby electricity.  The building manager had intended to move in and drive an electric car so that spot uniquely had an empty tube for electricity.  Fortunately the building manager did not move in, he switched parking spots, and they hired an electrician. It was impossible to connect the parking spot’s electricity to his unit’s meter, so a 2nd meter in the building’s utility area was installed.

Another issue the neighbor faced was that the wiring for the garage was not rated for 70 amps and once his outlet was installed, his charge rate was quite adequate for an overnight charge but not at full capacity.  And modifying the overall garage electricity was not a simple or inexpensive task.

Each condominium will have its own challenges to add electric car charging.  Here in California we have a law, Civil Code 1353.9 that

“effectively prohibits or unreasonably restricts the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station in an owner’s designated parking space”.

In this Oregonian’s case all worked out fine and he is happily charging his Tesla in the parking garage.

For other condo owners and renters, the challenges can be steeper.  For an apartment renter, the situation could likely be more temporary and they are less interested in putting the dollars into any potential electric improvements.  For some renters there is often no power source anywhere nearby their designated spot.  In California many rental units have parking spots in detached garages or simple parking spots with a roof but no electricity.

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