Nail in the Tire

After about 5,000 miles, I had Tesla rotate my new tires (for free as is standard), and they discovered a nail in my front right tire.  I have no idea how many miles I have had this nail in the tire as I did not have a significant air leak.  Tesla will not repair tires although they did offer to sell me a new one (no thanks).  The Model S front tires have so little wear on them because the car is so back heavy, I had no interest in replacing this tire.

I am not sure or not if this practice is commonplace or not with auto dealers.  I never bought tires or rotated tires through dealers before.  It would have been convenient if Tesla could perform this repair.

With the upcoming D versions of the car – 60D, 85D and P85D – having a motor on the front axle, I will be very curious to see how the tire wear will change.  The weight will be more evenly distributed but there will be torque on all four wheels.  So perhaps the rear tires will wear less than a standard Model S, but the front tires will wear more.

I took my car and tire to my local garage, Ron Raimes Automotive, and was surprised to learn that the repair of the tire was not as simple as I had expected.  The few times in the past I have had nails in the tread, the repairs had been simple plug of rubber and glue that took only a few minutes.

But I learned with low profile high performance tires, these repairs are not particularly safe and the tire must be dismounted, the rim taken off, and a patch applied to the interior of the tire.  The whole procedure took around thirty minutes.  Ron would do the same patch not plug repair on all Model S tires – size 19″ or 21″.

Nail in the Front Right Tire

Nail in the Front Right Tire


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