CA Electric Adoption

Two interesting articles have recently appeared in the San Jose Mercury News about electric car adaption in California.

The first article discusses that cities that have been offering free public charging are considering beginning to charge their users.  Redwood City received their charging stations free of charge through a Department of Energy Grant via ChargePoint.  The usage of these stations has increased considerably over the last three years – – from 1,009 hours in 2011, to 6,838 in 2012 and 23,072 in 2013.  The initial idea was to encourage people to drive electric cars to help with global warming.  Now the municipalities are looking into small charging fees to pay for maintenance and electricity.

A second article shows that California leads the nation and every other country in electric car adoption!  In less than four years, Californians have purchased over 100,000 electric vehicles.  The government is now looking at ways to incentivize low and middle income people in the state to adopt clean transportation.


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