Mt. Shasta Sign Mystery

I have visited the Mt. Shasta supercharger a few times now and noticed on my recent visit that the Tesla signs were missing.  All four red Tesla signs indicating at a minimum “Electric Vehicle Charging Station” had been removed.

If you look at the following photos, you will see that currently none of the four stalls has any red Tesla signs.  The second picture was taken in March when all four signs were still visible.  I believe in looking at other photos on the web two were 60 minute parking and two had no time requirements.  In looking at the web, another person posted a picture in July without the signs, so they have been gone for over a month.

The charging stations are located on the restaurant side of the motel but not particularly close to any of the rooms.

Potential answers to the mystery include:

  • At the brand new Truckee supercharger, there are no Tesla signs, so perhaps the signs are simply no longer needed?
  • Is Tesla and or the motel owner changing the signage here?
  • Was a collector simply stealing the signs?
  • Perhaps this is a case of a simple act of vandalism?

Do you have a personal theory?  If so, please comment.

Empty Tesla Sign Pole

Empty Tesla Sign Pole

Mt. Shasta in March 2014

Mt. Shasta in March 2014

Mt. Shasta August 2014

Mt. Shasta August 2014


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