Truckee Supercharger

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Grand Opening of Truckee Supercharger

Superchargers are a Little Hidden Behind the Strip Mall

Superchargers are a Little Hidden Behind the Strip Mall


Construction is Almost Complete

Construction is Almost Complete

On my way home from Oregon, I got word that the Truckee Supercharger was open and decided to stop by on the opening day.

The supercharger is located behind a standard California strip mall.  Right now it is a little hard to spot because of the large waste bin in front of the superchargers but even when it is cleared out the superchargers will be a little hidden.

This strip mall has a Safeway grocery store, a Rite Aid drug store and a Starbucks.  Three pizza places, a Dairy Queen, and a sushi place are all around this intersection.  So there are plenty of eating options.  There are also several stores that sell sporting equipment.

I lived in Lake Tahoe for a short time around ten years ago.  Right where the superchargers are had been one of the best restaurants in town along with a great bookstore.  But both are sadly gone.  I have to admit, I rarely buy physical books myself so I have contributed to the demise of independent bookstores.

When I decided to head to Tahoe, I was on a trip in Oregon and veered off to Lake Tahoe on a non-well traveled path from Corning to Truckee.

I charged almost to full in Corning and then headed to Truckee via mostly two lane highways.  The route was 157 miles with a short section of a local road and some freeway stretches.  The elevation gain is significant from 0 to around 6,000 feet.  For the most part the path is reasonably scenic and it was nice to be off an interstate.

On the warm August day the valley weather was averaging 95 degrees fahrenheit (35 Celsius).  I used exactly 60kWh on this trip, so Corning to Truckee is very doable in all weather in an 85 but very dicey in a 60.

2 thoughts on “Truckee Supercharger

  1. Then I take it you drove from Corning via SR 20 through Yuba City/Marysville and then along that 6-mile freeway between Grass Valley and Nevada City and then on SR 20 to its terminus at I80 about 25 miles west of Truckee? Or did you take SR 70 up the Feather River Canyon through Quincy and then down SR 89 to arrive in Truckee from the north?

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