August Rain in California

First August Rain in California in My Lifetime

First August Rain in California in My Lifetime

You may ask why would I post a photo of wet pavement?

I have lived in California all my life and I do not remember having rain in August.

I started this blog over five years ago because I was worried about our environment.   I bought the Roadster because I wanted an electric vehicle that could go more than thirty miles (the Nissan Leaf was not yet available).  I have solar on my house which powers both my house and car.  This blog was a way I could describe a real world honest experience about driving an electric car. I have and will continue to post straightforward reviews about my experiences.

In California it never used to rain in the summer.  It was bone dry for almost half the year.  I remember only three times in many decades that it rained in July but never in August.  In 2014 so far rained twice in July and this is the first rain in August.  The amount is not significant and will not even water the plants sufficiently.  The symbolism of climate change is what is so powerful about this rain.

I have spoken to a farmer in Eastern Montana who said it used to snow a lot more in years past, a friend in New York City who worries that nothing much has changed since the flooding from Hurricane Sandy, and someone who grew up in the Himalayas that remembers how it used to be so cold they had to cover their cheeks regularly with a mud mixture.  My August rain is much less serious than the impact other people are seeing with climate change, but very worrisome nevertheless.


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