New Darker Grey!

New Steel Grey (left) replaces Dolphin Grey (right)

New Steel Grey (left) replaces Dolphin Grey (right)

I have a life long obsession with color.  I have been very choosy about car colors and at times felt I would almost pick a model of a car just because they had a color I really liked.  The Roadster had a huge selection of colors including three blues!  Those three blues were quite popular from my informal observations back in 2009.  I really liked the Roadster’s Radiant Red.

I really struggled in choosing my Model S color.  Tesla seemed to revert to the traditional color line up of all automakers and probably the preferences of the buyers.  The colors of all cars seem to always be white, versions of silver/beige/grey,  look at me red, and various versions of black with colorations.  I have always preferred medium toned cars with some actual color not just basically black or white.  When choosing the Model S color, I ended up going with the medium Dolphin Grey mostly because I liked the value contrast with the 21″ wheels and the black interior.  I even studied the black and white value of each model S color.

I was quite disappointed to learn that Tesla has discontinued this popular color and changed it to a darker grey as shown in the photo. I have yet to see it in person.

I was curious what other Dolphin Grey Tesla owners thought of the new color change and decided to run a poll.  54 people voted and 63% would choose the new Steel Grey with the other respondents color choices evenly distributed amongst the other colors.  I would probably switch to another color.  Perhaps the Pearl White, which looks quite nice in person, but I really don’t know.

I am quite surprised that Tesla did not choose to discontinue the unpopular brown.


5 thoughts on “New Darker Grey!

  1. Saw all the colors at a dealership yesterday.
    I liked there Brown more than I expected.
    Also agree with you on the grays. Dolphin is both more unique and prettier than Steel. Thank Buddha they discontinued it because I would still be at that Dealer today trying to decide between Dolphin and Pearl!

  2. Hey, I love my brown. 😉 But I’m surprised about the grey; if I’d had to do it over, I might’ve gotten the Dolphin Grey–it’s such a chameleon, really shading towards whatever’s around it in a way that the other colors don’t.

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