Key Fob

My Model S has the tech package.  I am surprised how much I appreciate that by having the key fob in my pocket, the car presents the door handles.  When I drive my ICE I can get perplexed that I actually have to unlock and lock the car.  A few times I have had to ask myself  “Did I actually lock the ICE?” — in a OCD style moment.

The fob is shaped just like the car itself with three buttons hidden by black plastic.  A button for the frunk (double click to open) is on the front of the fob, a button for the trunk is on the back of the fob, and a lock/unlock button is on the roof of the fob.

Edited August 7, 2014:   By holding down the roof (lock/unlock) button for a few seconds you can roll down all the windows.  This feature is documented but does not work with firmware 5.9.  Thanks to a nice person who commented on my post, I tested this out and could not get it to work.  I remember either doing this or trying to do this after a hike in hot weather upon approach to the car.  I really would like this feature back as often I do not have any cell service where my car is parked after being in the wilderness.

From time to time the car seems to get confused when I approach the car from the passenger side first, and then does not present the handles when arriving at the drivers side.  In that situation I simply double click the key fob at the top to unlock the car.  A single click locks all the doors and trunks but I don’t have any need to use this feature as I simply walk away from the car.

Key Fob Lost Some Plastic

Key Fob Lost Some Plastic

The other week I was surprised to find a red circle on my key fob as shown in the picture.  Within the key fob are actually three hidden buttons covered by black plastic.  Just happens that one piece of the black plastic fell off of one of my key fobs, which is still completely functional.

The button I most frequently press is for the trunk, so it is not surprising that this part of the plastic wore off first.  The fob still functions and I continue to use it.  You double click to open or close it or single click to stop it in motion.  I typically use the fob only for opening the trunk and close it using the button on the car.

When I had my tires rotated in Minneapolis, the service center gave me a fob key holder that you allows you to attach other keys to the fob.  I am a minimalist when I travel, so I am happy to carry just the fob in my pocket.  Some third party vendors have other versions of fob key holders but I have no interest in carrying more than just the fob.

Tesla Key Fob inside the Tesla key ring

Tesla Key Fob inside the Tesla key ring



4 thoughts on “Key Fob

  1. While this is in the documentation and was evidently there on earlier versions of software it doesnt work on 5.9 on my car:

    “By holding down the roof (lock/unlock) button for a few seconds you can roll down all the windows.”

    Does it really work for you?

    • I believe it had in the past! I just went to the garage and tested it and definitely could not get this to work.

      I remember using this feature after a hike to cool the car down. (or at least I tried to). With the app you cannot do this either. Quite a shame. I will edit my post. Thanks TMan.

      • No problem. Its sad its gone (my 2007 Acura had it). Its also sad they didn’t update the documentation (which is only a PDF anyway). I use VisibleTesla to fully open the sunroof from my desk before heading out to at least get some of the hot air out. Otherwise the official app will only let you vent. Lawyers are beginning to win over there…

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