Coil Suspension Review

I got the opportunity to drive yet another loaner as I am still experiencing challenges with my alignment that I will report in another post.  This particular loaner had coil (not air) suspension along with parking sensors.

Driving on a regular route from my home I quickly noticed that the car felt different.  I was not consciously test driving or reviewing the car as I had covered the P85+ and the 60 with the 19” tires and the parking sensors earlier.  The only option I had not reviewed was the coil suspension.

I was noticing that the road just felt bumpy for the lack of any other description and the ride reminded me of my Toyota Highlander, which has a Camry base.  I had not remembered the 60 loaner with the air suspension having this same feeling.  I was driving down a basically straight road so the difference was not the 19” tires. I quickly looked through the menus and realized I was driving with the coil suspension.  The ride was fine but just was not the silky smooth ride of the air suspension that I was so used to.  I do prefer the air suspension over the coil suspension.

Sensitive Parking Sensor

Sensitive Parking Sensor

The parking sensor feature I noticed when I returned home in my driveway.  I had earlier tested this feature in Minneapolis in an unfamiliar area.  Testing this feature at home was quite different as I mentally knew the turn radius in my driveway and garage.  I drive into the garage on auto pilot as I have owned the Model S now for 16 months. I have a large three car garage but for aesthetic reasons it is divided with three individual doors.  The spaces are wide enough but are individually separated. I recently let someone test drive my car into my garage and I did sort of get slightly nervous for a brief moment as he swung the car into the spot.

I was quite surprised though when I pulled the loaner into the garage spot, the parking sensor said STOP.  How could I be that close to the pole?  I pulled back and tried it two more times and got the STOP warning again.  I was not that close to the wall and in the middle of the turn but the sensor is quite sensitive in the front.  In talking to Tesla service, they indicated that the sensors are adjusted on the conservative side in order to avoid hitting objects or children.

Plenty of Clearance for the Turn

Plenty of Clearance for the Turn


2 thoughts on “Coil Suspension Review

  1. I sort of had the opposite experience with air suspension when mine has coils 😜 I think this one is more personal preference than anything else.

    • Probably depends upon the roads you frequent too. For whatever reason the local ones I drive on felt bumpy.

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