I have so many adapters now since I bought the whole set for my cross country journey.   I stopped by the Fremont service center prior to the journey to pick up all the available adaptors knowing they would likely have the best selection.  I had written in my post that I purchased five but if I look at the actual invoice, I purchased only four!

In all this confusion, I thought a detailed post with clearer photos would help clarify the adapters and which ones are the most useful.

SAE – J1772  — Varied Output

J1772 Front View

J1772 Front View

J1772 Side View

J1772 Side View


This adapter has a different appearance than the other connectors.  I received this with my car,  and I have used this connector the most as it is the most common connector for public charging stations.

The J1772 theoretically can charge up to 80 amps but the vast majority of public J1772 charging stations charge much slower at about 8 to 22 miles per hour.   So most public charging stations will allow you to fill up your Tesla Model S overnight.

Although public charging stations are often quite slow, they are ubiquitous and often conveniently located.

As you can tell from the photos, the adapter already has a little wear and tear.

14-50 (1014324-00-D)

240V / 40A  / 10kW / 29 miles per hour of charge

14-50 RV Park Adapter

14-50 RV Park Adapter

This adapter is typically given with the car and included with the mobile connector bundle.  I oddly did not have this standard adapter in my bag.  Somehow Fremont also gave me the 14-50 adapter when I purchased the other four.

This adapter is very common in RV parks and is the one I used most frequently on my cross country road trip.  I used it in an RV park and in a hotel garage parking lot.

Modified Version of the 14-50 with New Grey Faceplate

Modified Version of the 14-50 with New Grey Faceplate

Turns out a lot of newer buyers are opting to just use this plug with the mobile connector at home instead of installing a High Power Wall Connector.  For an overnight charge this solution is quite viable if your garage or charging location has sufficient amps.

This particular adapter was part of a recall in January of just the adapter.  A few of the adapters heated up and some actually melted.

Oddly enough the Fremont service center gave me an old version of this adapter.  When I arrived home from my trip I received the new version with the mail with a return box.  The new version on the other end has a grey faceplate instead of a black faceplate.

I have to admit I have not gotten around to returning the adapter.  I wanted to blog about the adapters first and I don’t work in an office with regular fed ex pickups.



5-15 ( 1014355-00-B)

110V / 12A  / 1.4kW / 3 miles per hour of charge

5-15 Standard US 110V plug

5-15 Standard US 110V plug

This adapter is the simple plain 110V standard household outlet used in the United States.  The folks at the Atlanta service center told me that several of their customers use 110 all year and only had problems charging sufficiently in the winter.  My blog post on Living with 110V is one of the perennially popular ones, so I suspect a number of customers use 110V for a period of time.  This adapter comes with the car.

5-20 (1016258-00-B)

110V / 15A  / 1.8kW / 4 miles per hour of charge.

5-20 Adapter

5-20 Adapter

This adapter I tried to use at my friend’s house near Nashville, Tennesse.  The horizontal slot increases the amps for a 110V outlet to 15A.  Turns out their plug was the mirror of this adapter and did not work with the Tesla.

They had installed this outlet in their garage for some construction equipment.  This adapter costs $45.

10-30 (1016174-00-B) Older Dryers

 240V / 24A / 5.8kW / 17 miles per hour of charge.

10-30 Adapter Older Dryer Outlets

10-30 Adapter Older Dryer Outlets

This adapter works great for charging from a dryer outlet and used it last weekend during an overnight stay at a friend’s house.  Their house is only ten years old so I am not sure why the term “older dryers” is applicable. This adapter costs $45.

14-30 (1018243-00-B) Newer Dryers

240V / 24A / 5.8kW/ 17 miles per hour of charge

14-30 Newer Dryer Outlets

14-30 Newer Dryer Outlets

I have not yet used this adapter.  This adapter costs $45.

 6-50 (1016021-00-B) Welding Equipment

240V / 40A / 10kW / 20 miles per hour of charge

6-50 Adapter for Welding Equipment

6-50 Adapter for Welding Equipment

I have not yet used this adapter either.  When driving across the country another $45 dollars for an adapter “just in case” seems like a wise investment.

Chademo US

This adapter will be very expensive at $1,000 but a number of charging stations exist in the US that can take advantage of this at the rate of 150 miles of range per hour.  I have seen a few of these stations in California but am not yet inclined to spend that much money.

Another detailed guide about adapters is available here.


6 thoughts on “Adapters

  1. Howdy! We met briefly while charging at an Oregon Supercharger, Aug. 24th. Thanks for this adapter review. Interestingly enough- my friend and I had to stop at an RV Park between Springfield & Grants Pass, ‘cuz I didn’t account for the extra power usage due to all of the mountainous inclines. The 14-50 adapter worked like a charm (and saved our butts!). This November, we’re planning a trip to Palm Springs and I have use of a dryer outlet in the garage of our (vacation rental) house. Thing is- I don’t know if it’s a “newer” or “older” outlet. Guess I should buy both adapters. Generally they’re $45 each? It was great meeting you- and I’d like to show you my “trip logging” app. sometime. Private-message me if you’re interested.

  2. I can’t find the 14-30 adapter anywhere. Tesla discontinued them. Would you know where I could pick one up? Would you like to sell yours?

    • Gosh, I think I did end up using my 14-30 once. I’m kind of attached to keeping the whole set “just in case”. Did you have any luck finding one?

  3. Where did you buy the older dryer adapter I’m in trying to find online I can find any website is it on Amazon or certain independent website can you please email me or text me

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