New Tires – Again

So unfortunately I had to buy a full new set of tires.  The Minneapolis service center prediction was wrong.  I am now at 26,000 miles and decided to replace all four.  Two of the tires may have lasted a little bit longer but did not seem worth the trouble to deal with the issue again in a couple of months.

With the original equipment Continental tires, they lasted 20K miles on the front and 6K on the back.  The pair of Michelin tires I purchased this year lasted 7.5K on the back and 6K on the front.  I may have been able to get a little more mileage out of the Michelins.  I decided to purchase the Continentals as they appear to have slightly better longevity but I really am just guessing.  The Denver service center implied that the low wear was due to the usage of the low suspension setting.  I am not going to use this setting unless I need extended range.

Another fact that I found surprising is how much my car was out of alignment again.  If you look at the detailed report below, the tires are out of alignment particularly with the rear toe.  The shop owner indicated that some of the bolts were not particularly tight.  The overall alignment numbers are actually worse than the earlier problem I reported.  The local garage suggested that I stop by again in 1,000 miles to see how my alignment is holding up.


June Alignment Report at 26,000 miles

June Alignment Report at 26,000 miles


2 thoughts on “New Tires – Again

  1. Probably a good idea to measure again after going round the block once. Some folks ruin the alignment when tightening the bolts. Could also be an equipment issue. Rear toe-out is an absolute no-go, as is rear camber much more negative than -1.5, if you want a nimble car that does not eat tyres or range. Anyone in your area who aligns race cars? They are sometimes better at this. What tyre pressures do you run her at?

    • My local mechanic owner is going to remeasure them again in a month, so I think that would do. I don’t think he works with race cars, but I do live in a pricey area, so I’m sure he’s more than familiar with high end cars. I keep the pressure at standard.

      I’m starting to think there is some equipment issue, as this became out of alignment between Minneapolis and home which was really freeway driving. I did my darn best to avoid any potholes.

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