Warm Supercharging

Traveling in warm climates using the superchargers is a breeze.  For the last week I have barely had to give charging much thought.  The superchargers are generally placed reasonably close and the warm weather and almost flat roads result in a low kWh/mile and more range.  I was a bit surprised that throughout the south I am still encountering a number of potholes and rough roads but my tires still seem fine.

Slave Quarters Behind the Main House in Charleston, SC

Slave Quarters Behind the Main House in Charleston, SC

No matter how many times I visit the south, I am always reminded how nice southerners are.  They take the time to genuinely greet you.  I also had random people help me get in and out of a slightly broken hammock only seconds into my mild struggles.

The last supercharger I visited in Macon, Georgia is not yet on the Tesla supercharger map.  Other Tesla owners reported charging there less than a week ago on the forums.  I did have a backup plan of a public charger nearby in case access was disrupted for construction reasons, but I had no problem charging as a construction worker was nailing boards around the transformers.

Equal with caring for the environment, I am also a strong supporter of treating all humans on the earth equally and with dignity and respect.  So I have visited many museums and sights related to the struggles in the south including the Martin Luther King King National Historic Site in Atlanta, the Harriet Tubman Museum near the supercharger in Macon, and the slave quarters in the Aiken-Rhett house in Charleston.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, I also went to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.  During the tour, you see the original lunch counter where the Grensboro four ignited the momentum that lead to desegregation of many public places.

Woolworth in Greensboro NC

Woolworth in Greensboro – Lunch Counter Civil Rights Protests Gained Momentum Here


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