Service In Minneapolis

Minneapolis Service Center

Minneapolis Service Center

On the road while entering Minnesota, I decided to try to get my tires rotated in Minneapolis.  I called Tesla and turns out they could accommodate me the next day!  I was quite surprised given the late notice.  And even better yet when I arrived they even had a loaner vehicle!  This kind of easy service does not happen in California.  The Minneapolis service center only supports around 250 vehicles though.

Titanium Shield

I did request that they add the titanium shield.  The shield was added as a tiny additional protection from fire damage after the media over responded to a few fires last year. From the sounds of the name “shield”, I was daydreaming that the shield might keep my battery warmer and improve my mileage.

But it turns out the shield is really just a relatively small piece of metal put on to cover a slight vulnerability in the car in front of the battery.

Titanium Shield For a Small Additional Fire Protection

Titanium Shield For a Small Additional Fire Protection

Tire Rotation

My regular blog readers are familiar with my unfortunate saga with my tires this year.  Since I had put on almost 6,000 miles I knew it was time for my free tire rotation.  I also warned the service advisor about what had occurred and asked for some information about how my tires were wearing.  The new tires (moved from back to front) are at 6/32 inside tread 8/32 center tread and 7/32 out side tread. The now back tires (with 18,000 miles on them) are at 8/32 across the tire foot.

Telsa estimates that the full set should last another 12,000 miles and I will be due for one more rotation in another 6,000 miles.

Tire Pressure Warning System

During this trip I have had a message flash on the screen several times:  “Service Tire Pressure System… Contact Tesla Service.”  I had this problem before in California, so I had not been particularly concerned.  The service department in California also replaced the system previously.

Fortunately, the Minneapolis service department apparently found a stronger fix.  The problem was with my left front tire, which had received probably the majority of the wind gusts on this journey.  The connection between the tire and the antenna, which is located in the left side mirror, was weak.  In the car is a “tube” that goes from front to back where they can add new wiring.  So to solve this issue, they added a new antenna in this area and hopefully permanently fixed my false tire pressure warnings.


In summary, I would give the Minneapolis service department a great review. They found a clever solution to the Tire Pressure Warning System that has plagued my car, and responded to my request for detailed information about my tire wear.  They accommodated my last minute request and even cleaned the “Utah dust” off my car.


5 thoughts on “Service In Minneapolis

  1. I noticed you had “Utah Dust”. I have to drive from NW Iowa to the Bay Area. Is that a route you took? It seems tough to get across Nebraska, Wyoming and Nevada, still.

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