Earth Day Departure

April 22, 2014 I started my cross country journey.  I had been planning on leaving sometime in the second half of April.  I had some obligations through April 12 and some planned events to attend over the next weekend.  I also arranged the first supercharger “Charge-Off” during that week and will publish that data soon. But I was thrilled that when all was packed and ready, my leaving date was coincidentally Earth Day.

In true wanderlust fashion based upon a stranger’s recommendation, I made a detour to a new Tule Elk preserve just north of Los Banos.  The Central Valley of California is quite beautiful in its natural state. I saw a couple of Elk far away on their elevated viewing platform.  When using the navigation system to head to Harris Ranch while in the preserve I got the error “No route Found to this Location” but the system worked fine once I was back on paved roads.

Tule Elk Preserve

Tule Elk Preserve

I fortunately had topped off the pack in Gilroy for ten minutes and arrived at the Harris Ranch supercharger with 10 miles left in the pack.  I did a quick supercharger time test and got 152 miles in 30 minutes (test #7) in 73 degree Fahrenheit (23 degree Celsius) weather.  I had a full 120kW of power and was the only one using the supercharger stations.  I think I will stop measuring my time unless my battery is at zero miles.

Much to my surprise as I was leaving just across the street at the Shell gas station an ICE vehicle was on fire.  I pulled on past the vehicle to watch the fire pattern.  I was probably about 100 feet away and someone was trying to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.  The effort looked like it was reasonably successful.  But after a few more minutes, the fire got worse and the car burned to crisp.  Pieces of the car started to burst off, and at that point I decided to leave the area.

I was staying in my car the entire time but I in the distance I was hearing the driver’s story.  The driver was a man who just bought this car to drive to his son’s funeral.  Maybe I should have stayed a bit longer to see if he would was headed in the same direction as I was.

ICE Car Fire at Harris Ranch

ICE Car Fire at Harris Ranch



One thought on “Earth Day Departure

  1. The Queen is enjoying following your adventures on your blog as Twitter! Have fun, keep posting (and stay away from fires at gas stations!)

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