Charging Adaptors

Before heading out on the cross country trip, I stopped by the Fremont Service Department to pick up a few adaptors.  I ended up buying five adaptors.  The adaptor on the left is typically used in residential homes.  My friend in Nashville has a plug like this that is used for charging heavy construction equipment.

The rest of the plugs are for charging in campgrounds.  Apparently RV campgrounds have no standard type plug and you need to carry all four adaptors.  I am reminded of the many adaptors I have for traveling throughout the world.

The final bill for these five adaptors was just under $200.

Five More Adaptors

Five More Adaptors

2 thoughts on “Charging Adaptors

  1. The Natick, MA Tesla store for some reason only has NEMA 6-50 outlets on the wall (its walking distance from my office so I was hoping for a charging option there). A NEMA 6-50 doesnt come with the car and the store has no adapters to sell. The online accessories was out of stock and now its not even listed. The Service Center also doesn’t have them. Quite odd a day into my Tesla experience.

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