Folsom Supercharger

I visited the Folsom supercharger after visiting the Vacaville supercharger a few weeks ago.  This supercharger is one of the first superchargers and only has four charging stations. Although it is on Interstate 50, the road turns into a two lane road once it is in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I much prefer to drive to Lake Tahoe on Interstate 80 than on 50.

The supercharger is not surprisingly located next to yet another outlet mall.  I am getting very tired of these outlet malls.  On this visit I did not wander far from my vehicle as I only charged for a few minutes.

The local food nearby is your standard roadside selections:  a few fast food places, a sports bar & grill and a Mexican restaurant.

The location has one nice attraction.  Right nearby is the Lake Natoma, which is a small lake created from a dam on the American River.  There is a series of bike and walking trails along the shore.  I think you can probably quite easily cross Folsom Boulevard and go for a nice walk along the trails while your car is charging.  Another option would be to catch a movie at the Century Theaters, or even spend the night at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Folsom Supercharger

Folsom Supercharger


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