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Endless Sea of Electric Cars

Endless Sea of Electric Cars

Recently I had lunch with a friend of mine at the Google campus in Mountain View.  I was thrilled to see wall to wall parking spaces for electric vehicles completely full!

I had a hard time trying to find a place to park the Tesla.  I had been hoping I could sneak into an electric car charging spot, but I could not find an available spot.  The vast majority of cars were Leafs with a couple of Volts and only one Model S.  A number of people working at Google are contract employees without stock options or medical benefits and only work there for a maximum of two years.  The use of a large number of contractors is a large change in Silicon Valley.

In Silicon Valley the buildings and parking lots were designed for a medium density use.  I worked in several of the buildings that are now part of the Google complex. People worked in comfortable cubicles and offices, and the vast majority of people drove to work alone. Now many of the Silicon Valley companies have people working with much less personal space.  Many folks work in open mosh pits, and others still have cubicles but the spaces are much smaller.  This higher density has an impact on the traffic and parking lots.  A lot of the larger companies like Apple and Google shuttle in folks on big busses with wi-fi.

Many valley employers now do not have enough charging spots for the number of electric cars creating some conflict.  This morning’s San Jose Mercury News had an interesting article covering this topic and the etiquette involved in this situation.


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