Vacaville Supercharger

I recently visited for the first time the Vacaville supercharger.  Vacaville is a Spanish word that means cowtown in English.  I suspect that this supercharger will have lots of use as it is centrally located between the Sierra Mountains and the San Francisco Bay Area, and is also a stop for those driving north from the Bay Area to Oregon and Washington using Interstate 505 to connect to Interstate 5.  Both times I was at the supercharger on a Friday afternoon, two other cars were charging.  The eight chargers are located sufficiently away from the store fronts  and will unlikely be used by any ICE vehicles.

The area across the freeway from the supercharger has been a historic stopping point in California. The Nut Tree started as fruit stand in 1921.  The Nut Tree then morphed into a restaurant and had a small train for children, an actual airport, and an interesting gift shop.  A more modest restaurant called the Coffee Tree was located near the superchargers.  As a native Californian, I remember eating once at the Coffee Tree.  I think I only ate twice at the actual Nut Tree, but I distinctly remember one time when my traveling companion threw up right after on the way to Lake Tahoe.

There are few remnants of these “historic” roadside stops.  The area now is more like your typical suburban strip mall.  Around the superchargers is yet another outlet mall, a number of eating establishments and a few motels.  I am not sure exactly which restaurants make the official Tesla Supercharger page.   I am not particularly fond of chain restaurants except I do like Starbucks as the coffee is consistent and good, and they do have reasonable company ethics.

Out of the long list of possible dining options within a 1 mile radius of the superchargers, I would probably choose between these three:

Freebirds World Burrito – across the street.  This restaurant is a small chain that offers hormone-free meats for the carnivores.

Fenton’s Creamery – This restaurant is the second operation of an old Oakland establishment.  Technically a two restaurant chain in a new strip mall, but at least a place with some character.  To get to Fenton’s Creamery, you do need to cross the freeway.  The walk is half a mile in one direction.

Spice Thai Kitchen – One of the few non-chain restaurants available and also on the other side of the freeway.  When I am on road trips, I like to stop in at restaurants that offer different cuisines as the roadside food can get pretty repetitive.

Vacaville Superchargers

Vacaville Superchargers

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