Tejon Ranch

The Tejon Ranch Supercharger may be in the most ideal supercharger I have visited so far.  I would review this supercharger as a five stars. This location is technically in Lebec, California while Tejon Ranch is the landowner (one of the largest private landowners in California).  It has all the amenities that you might need and could expect to find along an interstate in the US:

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

  1. Easy visibility off the freeway from the north.
  2. Tucked into a bend of the road right off the road without having to negotiate through a large parking lot to get there.
  3. I cannot see why a ICE vehicle would want to park there as there is plenty of other parking in front of the businesses.
  4. A canopy to protect your car from the rain and sun.
  5. Solar powered to help the environment.
  6. Wheel stops to help you position the car with the correct relationship to the charger cord.
  7. A motel right across the street.
  8. A variety of food choices in the same area including Starbucks, Yogurtland, Chipolte, Iron Skillet, In-N-Out, Del Taco and Baskin Robbins.
  9. It appears that they are building yet another outlet mall for those who want to shop while charging.
Tejon Ranch Solar Panel Covered Supercharger With Freeway View

Tejon Ranch Solar Panel Covered Supercharger With Freeway View


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