CA Rebate Survey

California gives every electric vehicle owner a rebate when buying their car.  They also recently sent a demographics survey from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project in order to understand the buying process.  The survey consisted of about thrity questions.  And fortunately, you can skip any question you are not comfortable answering.

The survey is a typical marketing survey with reasonable questions.  They were also trying to asses whether the EV buying experience addressed issues such as electricity rates, range, home charging etc… The whole survey was well written but a little unusual for someone like me who was actually replacing one EV for another.

Green Button

Federal Green Button Program

The survey also requests the buyers to download their Green Button energy use data.  I had never heard before of the Green Button program. The effort is from the utilities in response to a White House call to action. The personal energy usage data is standardized in a consistent and machine-readable form.  The end user can use the file or send it to a third party such as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.

The data in the green button program is not any different than the other data I have churned through before to figure out my energy usage.  But hopefully some sort of standardization will enable third party developers to help us use energy more efficiently and help us analyze trade-offs of different rate plans.

Two questions I found the most interesting and I would like to see the results from the general population that would be questions 14 and question 15; both questions address the motivations for buying an electric car.  I was a very early adopter of electric vehicles because of my concern about the environment.  Since the Model S is such a fantastic car, many people are buying the car for performance reasons.  I have also heard that it is the ‘it’ prestige car and a ‘status symbol’ now here in Silicon Valley.  I also recently heard someone (likely with some envy or other issue) in a crowd disparage Tesla owners claiming they were environmentalists;  I chose not to respond.

Question 14

Question 14

Question 15

Question 15


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