Gas Stations

A rare visit to a gas station

A rare visit to a gas station

Can we predict the future of gas stations?  Will they exist in 100 years?  What will happen with all the extra real estate on street corners?  Will some be converted to electric car charging stations?

I’m retesting the Vampire Drain on my Tesla with firmware 5.8, so I am forced to drive my ICE around town for a couple of weeks.  I didn’t realize how much I do not really care for gas stations as I had not been to one in four months.  And how positively lovely it is to fill up your car at home.

For me gas stations are not particularly convenient.  When I found one on my journey today I actually forgot which side the tank was on my ICE!  We are experiencing quite a cold spell here (50 degrees Fahrenheit in California), and it was really quite cold standing outside pumping the gas.  And the pump was broken and could not be left in the latch on position, so I had to nurse the gas into the car.  Afterwards my hands had that distinct smell of gasoline.

I also forgot how busy gas stations can be with too many cars wrestling for a position at the pumps.  They also have lots of advertisements for various products and unappealing restrooms.

With the Tesla there are still two uses for a gas station:  air and window cleaning supplies.  The closest gas station to me will kindly fill up my tires.  Their air pump is not in a public access area, so an employee actually does the filling.  This particular business is one of the nicest I know.  I also have a standup bicycle pump I could use but it would take a while to fill four car tires.  A bottle of window cleaner, a squeegee and a towel solve the window cleaning issue.

Filling up at home is so much more convenient.  A small but lovely luxury and I think the true wave of the future.

Can You Smell the Fumes?

Can You Smell the Fumes?


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