Winter Video

A new Model S owner in Norway, Bjorn Nyland, published the following video on his first road trip in snowy conditions.  In general, I don’t care much for these types of videos as they can drag on, but Bjorn did a very good editing job and the video gives a good review of the car in a winter climate.

Spoiler alert:  The video does have some dramatic scenes, so please watch the video first before continuing to read.

In California, the only winter driving I do is the occasional ski trip to Lake Tahoe.  I’d likely take my 4WD ICE car if it is snowing or threatening to snow.  The Sierra Nevada mountains can get a huge amount of snowfall at one time.  Often the roads are either clear or mostly clear or closed due to blizzard like conditions.

In the video, the Model S’s traction control did very well going up a somewhat steep snowy road/driveway.  Bjorn’s Model S did have studded tires, which would really be impractical for the occasional ski trip.

When the car display says “Charge Now”, the car probably still has a reserve for at least a few more miles.  I doubt I will ever get to the state where my car is displaying Charge Now as I am a bit more conservative on running out of energy.


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