Map Improvements

I am so much happier with navigation in the 5.8 software than the 4.5 software.  Already with the short time I have had it, the live navigation traffic map already saved me from a horrible backup with an accident on a freeway during unusual holiday traffic.

I was not that impressed with the maps in 4.5.  They had two significant issues.  One, the maps seemed to be always a bit out of date.  The traffic maps I could get on my iphone seemed significantly more accurate.  Before heading off on a medium length excursion across the bay, I would frequently check my iphone for the best way to cross the bay.

With 5.8, the updates now appear much more real time.  Recently, I regrettedly drove straight into a red zone defying what the maps were telling me because I had lost trust in the information.  In the end, I found that a lane had been closed for road repair, and I arrived 15 minutes late to my destination.

On the way home, I noticed the traffic map ahead with a serious upcoming red zone on the freeway in the middle of the day.  Now that I learned the hard way that the data was more timely than before, I zoomed off the freeway and watched a fire engine and many red lights ahead on the freeway.  I am not sure when this more accurate updating occurred as my firmware jumped from 4.5 to 5.8.

I also really like that when you do have a route in the map, you can still view the traffic map in 5.8.

Traffic and Embedded Route Information

Traffic and Embedded Route Information

I do have one remaining issue with navigation.  I seem to have a hard time zooming in and out of the map and maintaining an accurate view.  I don’t actually use the navigation very often as I have a great sense of direction.  So I find myself having to move around the maps a lot as I am driving.  And sometimes, the zoom in and out feature does not work particularly smoothly.  Since this frustration occurs when driving, I am not able to really record and document the exact concern.

With the updated navigation features, I don’t want to go back to driving a car without a large screen with updated traffic information.  While driving I would never have been able to avoid that accident  in a regular car even with a smartphone.


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