Wind Turbines

One of the Main Windmills at Pacheco State Park

One of the Many Windmills at Pacheco State Park

I am intrigued by all the different ways to help our planet stay healthy. Owing two Teslas, installing solar panels, not eating meat and simply buying less are things I have done in the last eight years.  I don’t have a wind turbine, and wind power seems to get very little mainstream press.  On a recent hike in Pacheco State Park off highway 152 I saw a lot of windmills.

Technically when using the wind to generate electricity, the correct term is wind turbine.  A windmill is used to pump water or grind grain.  I use both terms interchangeably.

For most home owners, a windmill is probably not the best choice.  I went to a Sunset design house with a windmill in San Francisco a number of years ago.  I could hear the windmill in the background, and would not like to have that level of noise in my home on a regular basis but I am very sensitive to repetitive background noise.  Also a lot of local zoning ordinances may not permit windmills. Even more importantly most people are not particularly fond of wind, so not a lot of homes are built in particularly windy locations.  I am not an expert in wind turbines, so perhaps there are appropriate models for home usage.

Pacheco State Park is a financially self sustaining park because over half of the land is a wind turbine farm.  The area is very windy for half of the year, when it probably is not to pleasant to go for a hike.   The park encourages the public to hike on the western side away from the windmills.  On our hike, the windmills were not particularly loud but it was a calm day with only a slight breeze.  Of course, we rode in the Tesla to the park.  The park is located directly between the Harris Ranch and Gilroy superchargers.

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