Model S on TV

The first sighting of a Tesla occurred on the TV Show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” a week ago.  It is a relatively harmless show with a small amount of drama, but a lot diverse but expensive real estate in the Los Angeles area.  One of the realtors specializes in Malibu and rode around in a client’s Model S.  The Model S had 19″ wheels and I think it was dark blue, but the dark colors are hard to distinguish apart.

I have never seen a Roadster on a TV show or a movie, but I am not particularly fond of most entertainment and could easily have missed an occurrence.

The only functional TV in the house is a 12 year old Plasma.  The picture is still very nice.  Unfortunately no matter which camera or what shutter speed, I could not take any photos of the Model S without a huge number of distortions.   Here is one woeful shot.

First Model S Sighting on TV

First Model S Sighting on TV



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