Charge Port Lock

I was surprised to discover that the charge port locks on the Model S.  One afternoon I returned home and popped the trunk and the charge port.  I proceeded to take a series of items out of the car and the trunk including groceries.

Upon returning to the car, I tried to plug in the charger but had no success.  I also realized that the light directly around the charger was not on.  I was a bit befuddled.  I tried to plug the charger in anyways and it would not connect.  I did not remember this happening before with the Model S or the Roadster.

Charge Port Locked

Charge Port Locked

I went back into the house to get the key fob.  Using the key fob, I found I could get the exterior red tail lights to illuminate but not the charger itself.

Rear Lights On, Charge Port Locked

Rear Lights On, Charge Port Locked

Instead of experimenting any further I decided to call the Tesla number thinking “why not?”.  The friendly person on the line said I may have to unlock the charger from the car.  I easily found this button on the charging menu, and the charger light quickly went on along with an audible click.

Unlock Charge Port Menu Button

Unlock Charge Port Menu Button

Charge Port Unlocked

Charge Port Unlocked

I was a bit surprised at a two things.

  1. The charger light goes off in a relatively short amount of time.  I have not timed the actual amount, and I believe it is in order to save electricity.
  2. I can’t turn on the charger through the key fob.  I think manipulating the charger through the key fob would be quite nice.  Although it is not difficult, to access the screen, one does need to sit in the car and fiddle with menus — albeit cleanly designed menus.

The car does tell you when you are driving that the charger door is open. I actually saw a family driving down the freeway here with their charger door open a couple of months ago.  I wonder how they ignored that message.


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